About Us

About Us

The original OTTER sock

As a keen golfer, I have two or three pairs of waterproof shoes and realized pretty quickly that, whilst walking in the deep grass searching for lost balls, the water entered my shoes from the top and sides and I soon had wet, cold feet. Whilst playing at another course to mine I saw they had Sealskinz in the shop priced at £35 per pair. I bought them, thought they were great and from there the idea was born to develop my own socks, to give everyone an alternative, better value for money, waterproof and breathable sock.

Our History

Thursday, January 25, 2018

The story so far...

I spend a lot of time travelling round the world on business and during one of my trips I came across a factory making their own brand of waterproof socks. I approached them and asked if they would work with me to develop my waterproof, breathable and wind proof socks. I then spent over a year testing them with the help of my wife and some keen golfers. Putting my socks through the harshest weather and washing them frequently, I finally had the blend of fibres and the yarns I wanted and OTTER SOCKS was born. My daughter’s talented friend designed the OTTER SOCKS logo. I then placed my first order but when the OTTER SOCKS arrived the packaging was wrong. Because of this I waited virtually a whole year to launch my brand. In September 2017 with the help of some friends I launched OTTER SOCKS on www.Amazon.co.uk. Within one week we were on the first page for our selected search terms, within two weeks we were number 1 and within a month we were between first and third for all our search terms. Over the next few months we literally could not keep up with the demand. So much has been achieved within such a short timescale. The brand is becoming established in the top three brands together with Sealskinz® and Dexshell®. Our trademark should be approved by early February 2018..

Why Us

why Henry Ford.



Work Team

  • John Charlton


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Our edge

We listen to our customers

One customer said " I thought they would be warmer". So we have now launched HOTTER OTTER. Research revealed that women’s’ extremities are 3% colder than men’s. We investigated how to create heat without the use of batteries and found a new yarn using kinetic energy to make heat when you walk makes the sock stretch and contract. This movement creates heat making your feet warmer. Waterproof, breathable and heat – a winning combination

Go the extra mile

One Amazon customer order got lost in the post. The customer asked us to help. As this item was a birthday present, I promised the customer that, if the item didn't arrive before he needed it, I would personally drive the 300-mile round trip to ensure he had the item before the birthday party.

Our accountability

If we make a mistake, we take responsibility immediately. We had an administrative error with a barcode - the code was right, the product inside was correct but the size had not been changed on the label description. We emailed every customer for the previous 4 weeks prior to, and the next two weeks following, the discovery of the mistake to let them know.